Kingdom of Colors

DC’s ARTECHOUSE plays host to immersive arts experiences that use technology as the foundation of every exhibit, integrating art, music, film, sound, and movement with larger-than-life projections. The Kingdom of Colors installation feels like a futuristic dreamscape inside a kaleidoscope.

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The Long Table at Longview Farm

Outstanding in the Field is an annual series of events that celebrates the farmers whose hard work brings food to the table. This group travels around the country bringing their long dining table to farms, the source of ingredients. One of our favorite local farmers hosted this enchanting dinner in a pasture by the Potomac.

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Arctic Archipelago Adventure

Lofoten is a Norwegian archipelago (group of islands) above the Arctic Circle known for dramatic landscapes, viking history, and fishing villages. We explored all of these features by way of a VW campervan, which turned out to be the perfect way to experience wild, wet, and wonderful Lofoten.

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