Square Roots in Downtown Garland

As I return to the currently frozen tundra of the east coast, I think back to warmer times. Like last week, when I was in Texas working and visiting family. Saturday was sunny with a high of 78 degrees, making it a perfect day to explore the downtown square in Garland, Texas (unlike today — DFW is iced over — that’s Texas weather for you!).

About a year or so ago, my mom and sister partnered up to purchase a Generator Coffee House and Bakery on the square in downtown Garland. They have worked tirelessly to make this coffee shop into a place that encourages community and inspires creativity. The ambiance is so charming, and the shop hosts live music, open mic, local art shows, and even comedy nights on a regular basis. If I lived in the DFW area I would be there constantly, even if I wasn’t related to the management. I’m obviously biased but it’s such an amazing place, and I’m so proud of my family for what they’ve created. (Oh, and I forgot to mention they have great menu with espresso, coffee, loose leaf teas, breakfast foods, soups, salads, sandwiches, and baked goods galore.)

IMG_2468  IMG_2467IMG_2469  IMG_2472

Energized by an espresso and delicious brunch, my brother, my friend Allison, and I decided to take a short walk around the square and were surprised at all the fun we found!

IMG_2441  IMG_2393IMG_2443-0  IMG_2471

McGillicuddy’s Antiques is just down the block, and they carry a wide array of unique and quality items with untold stories. The owner Karen is a hunter/gatherer of antiques, which are far superior and more exciting than all of the mass produced items of our era. For some reason I am always drawn to antique typewriters, old books, vintage suitcases, and wood carved items, none of which we have space for in our tiny DC residence. But a girl can dream, right?

IMG_2479  IMG_2440IMG_2408  IMG_2438-0IMG_2407  IMG_2404IMG_2439-0  IMG_2398

Boogie Nights Vintage is right next door to the Generator. The shop has a huge variety of clothing and their prices are terrific! They also sell their goodies online. My siblings and I have found some pretty fun items and this trip was no exception.

IMG_2442-0  IMG_2400IMG_2391  IMG_2394IMG_2401  IMG_2433

Fun fact: Garland is the oldest suburb of Dallas. It has been amazing to see such all the changes and new vibrant life around downtown Garland. From what I know there are plans for more development, so hopefully more exciting things to come!



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