Girl meets boy

You know when two people meet and there is an immediate connection?  That instant magnetism called love at first sight?  Ok, so well that definitely was not the case with us.  Instead we were two objects spinning in motion, orbiting each other…  from afar at first, but with gravity drawing us closer and closer with each revolution. Anthony and I have different memories of when we first met, although we agree it was during my freshman orientation at Austin College just after the turn of the century.  Anthony was a sophomore at the time.  In his memory (which may or may not be sharper than mine), we at a mixer in front of Luckett Hall dormitory. I first remember meeting him that weekend at an excursion to Austin College’s Lake Campus on Lake Texoma.  We can’t be too sure which happened first, and we can’t totally discount the possibility of time travel, so we may never know the truth. In college we overlapped in student organizations and circles of friends, so we occasionally found ourselves together in the same place at the same time.  The most memorable shared experience was a small student government camping trip at the Lake Campus, complete with a torrential storm (setting a precedent for many future camping trips). Fast forward half a decade… We always lived in different cities, but we kept up with each other through various digital channels — email, Facebook, G-chat, etc. We would share stories and photos from our own separate exploits and endeavors, all the while secretly wishing we could tag along with the other. As time went on, we found ourselves at the same place and time more often, by chance or by intention, until we eventually realized that we were pretty much made for each other.  While attending University of Penn Law School, Anthony’s course led him to do a visiting semester at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009, and we reconnected during those months. Long distance dalliances made way for love when fortune and/or fate led us to both secure career opportunities in Washington, D.C. We both moved there in 2010. Who knows exactly the moment when we both “knew,” but we did, and we’ve been very happy together, living life in DC and going on adventures all over the place. I know of at least two potential “official” proposal opportunities / attempts were botched by external factors (those could be a whole ‘nother blog). Anthony, of course, wanted everything to be perfect. And I’d say it was worth the wait. We found ourselves on a camping trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore in northern Michigan. With massive, 450-foot sand dunes overlooking cobalt-yet-clear waters of Lake Michigan, this place is gorgeous. (In fact it was selected as The Most Beautiful Place in the America on ABC’s Good Morning America.) After pitching our tent under major assault from giant mosquitos but before a barefoot death march across miles and miles of sand dunes, we went on a lovely hike — Sleeping Bear Point Trail, which is strenuous enough that we had the run of the land to ourselves. On the high point of the trail with a beautiful vista, I was taking a panorama photo and when I turned around Anthony had out the ring box to pop the official question. After six years of exploration together, we are thrilled to now embark on a true adventure of a lifetime.  We will exchange vows in a private ceremony today, 5.15.15 at 11:15am in the Texas Hill Country. It might rain, but we couldn’t be happier.   Much love to all of you who have supported us with love, encouragement, and friendship over the years.


3 thoughts on “Girl meets boy

  1. Congrats to you both!! Excited for all the new journeys life will give the both of you 🙂 it’s truely rewarding!

    Much love!
    Tara and Alex Pearce


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