Top ten in twenty-fifteen

Indeed, 2015 was a whirlwind year. Here are ten highlights, in no particular order…

Ok, this one is obviously in particular order. We exchanged vows in a private ceremony in the Texas Hill Country on 5-15-15, which kicked off a series of wonderful celebrations across Texas and in DC. Heck, I’m happy to celebrate this one across time and space for years to come.

We continued the celebration of our nuptials with a honeymoon in Costa Rica, focusing on the central highlands and volcanos. A beautiful adventure with my favorite person.
In September 2010, Anthony began researching a Canadian tar sands pipeline project that put American water sources and farmland in perilous danger and would lead to the expansion of tar sands development and contribute climate change in a huge way. Over the next five years Anthony led the charge in this David vs. a Goliath battle to turn the tide of something that was a “sure thing” in 2010. The good guys won in November when Obama announced that the Keystone XL Pipeline was NOT in our national interest and denied the permit. Words can’t express how proud I am of Anthony in this long-coming victory!

garden  dogChloe continued her urban gardening experiment, growing lots of kale, herbs, tomatoes and peppers.
My brother started a dream job at National Geographic (way cool, right?!) and moved to DC. It’s been so nice having a piece of my family closeby, actually close enough to meet up for a bite on our lunch hour. We’ve tacked several weekend hikes together and I can’t wait for more fun that awaits this year.

 My parents came to visit all of us up here in DC in October. The highlight of their visit was a day trip up to Gettysburg to see the expansive Civil War battlefield. As a middle schooler I became mildly obsessed with the Civil War, particularly the battle of Gettysburg. One score + years later I visited the grounds of the battle that I believe changed the course of American history, and fulfilled my nerdy childhood dream.

 After several years of participating in Crossfit, Anthony and I finally tested our skills for the first time in the Crossfit Open, a multi-week competition that qualifies competitors for the Interntional Crossfit Games. While we knew we weren’t going to qualify, we had a blast challenging ourselves and loved cheering on our teammates at Crossfit DC. I came in 30,960th, so there’s that, haha!

Spartan Race finishSpeaking of Crossfit DC community awesomeness, we joined 12 other CFDC teammates to tackle the Spartan Race – scaling walls, climbing nets, swinging across rings, pulling sleds, carrying logs, throwing spears, and leaping over fire. We also got a little muddy, but it was super fun.

We spent a quick chilly weekend walking and eating our way through charming Montreal. Simply put, we must return.

The last six weeks have been a roller coaster adventure through Canada, Texas, France, Germany, Holland, and back to Texas again for Christmas in Midland and New Years in Garland/Dallas. Anthony actually left on November 19, 2015 and did not return to DC till 2016. I joined him for non-work portions of the trip. Highlights of the European legs included German Christmas markets and the Amsterdam Lights Festival. I have yet to blog it all, but it was packed with amazing people and places. We returned home yesterday, and needless to say we are happy to be home.

2015 was an exciting year for many of our friends and family as well. New marriages, precious babies, jobs, adventures, promotions, and other accomplishments filled us with joy. We are so thankful for all of you — near and far — and wish you the best in 2016!

Happy new year!


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