Valley Trail in Rock Creek Park

A few weeks before our epic 50-mile backpacking trip in Glacier National Park, we realized we needed to TRAIN. While we both walk to work (~4 miles RT), we really hadn’t done anything long distance with a pack, and that makes a big difference! With the busy-ness of buying a house, moving, day jobs, and work travel, we opted to throw a few gallons of water in our backpacks and explore the National Park closest to our new house: Rock Creek National Park.


Rock Creek Park has more than 35 miles of trails. It’s inside DC, but you would never know it! You are in the middle of a forrest with trees, streams, meadows, rock outcrops, and even a tree log bridge. We chose the Valley Trail (use the Western Ridge Trail to make a loop). Can you believe we didn’t have to get in a car to get here!? We accessed via Piney Branch Parkway area on foot, but you can also head to Cleveland Park or Van Ness Metros.


All in all 13 miles, to the Maryland border and back! Here’s before, during after:


Note that most people do not carry packs on Rock Creek Park trails. Also we did not intend to dress to match our backpacks. Happy trails!


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