Greetings from Starship Pegasus

DAMAGE REPORT: The Starship Pegasus of the Monolithic Dome Institute sustained major blasts from an Earthling ship in Italy, Texas. The main energizer was disabled immediately, window bubbles obliterated, and concrete deflector shields ultimately collapsed after holding for as long as they could.  The Pegasus was destroyed.

Apparently McDonalds bought the lot.

Starship Pegasus 008.jpg

Where many a man have gone before…

Almost everyone who regularly drives between Dallas and Waco would recognize this quirky sideshow on Interstate 35. When my brother and I were both living in Austin, this space station marked our halfway point where we’d exit for Highway 34 to continue on to East Texas to visit our family on weekends. We’d usually make a pit stop at the nearby gas station, and we’d occasionally drag our co-pilot and additional passengers over to inspect and document this extraterrestrial roadside attraction. Sometimes we’d bring props from the backseat.

Because… wouldn’t you?


This was a silly little sequence I put together for an old blog more than a decade ago.

Seems like our consistent themes were exploration, telecommunications, and battle.



I even convinced Anthony to take an intergalactic detour here once.


It’s bizarre that a random concrete structure on the side of a highway holds nostalgia. But it was a place that marked progress on the journey home, a place to stretch legs and be silly, and now a place no longer in our galaxy, far away. And so, on this appropriate day, May the Fourth be with you and rest in peace, Starship Pegasus.

Starship Pegasus 006


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