Greetings from Starship Pegasus

DAMAGE REPORT: The Starship Pegasus of the Monolithic Dome Institute sustained major blasts from an Earthling ship in Italy, Texas. The main energizer was disabled immediately, window bubbles obliterated, and concrete deflector shields ultimately collapsed after holding for as long as they could. The Pegasus was destroyed.

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5-15-15 was the day Anthony and I exchanged vows in the Texas hill country. Here are (some of) the unannotated photos from our secluded ceremony.

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Girl meets boy

You know when two people meet and there is an immediate connection? That instant magnetism called love at first sight? Ok, so well that definitely was not the case with us. Instead we were two objects spinning in motion, orbiting each other… from afar at first, but with gravity drawing us closer and closer with each revolution.

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