Greetings from Starship Pegasus

DAMAGE REPORT: The Starship Pegasus of the Monolithic Dome Institute sustained major blasts from an Earthling ship in Italy, Texas. The main energizer was disabled immediately, window bubbles obliterated, and concrete deflector shields ultimately collapsed after holding for as long as they could. The Pegasus was destroyed.

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Cuba Calling

After many years, U.S. citizens are allowed to travel to Cuba. We took to the colorful streets of old Havana to see classic cars, colonial architecture, inspired art, and modern ruins.

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Speaking of Spokane

We bookended our trip to Glacier National Park sojourning in Spokane. It was a great excuse to see some of Anthony’s family: Peter, Joy and Meg Gilbert. They were so gracious to host us for an evening after our long flight from the East Coast and provided us with one of the best meals of […]

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