Of Wenches, Fools, and Kings

Anthony completed another journey around the sun, and to celebrate we took a trip through time to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for merriment, hum, and bellytimber. Also, I found another excuse to wear my wedding dress.

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Kicking it in København

Our Scandinavian summer excursion rounded out with canals and cobblestones in Copenhagen, Denmark, a surprise trip to Malmö, Sweden, and an unexpected swim under the sea.

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Arctic Archipelago Adventure

Lofoten is a Norwegian archipelago (group of islands) above the Arctic Circle known for dramatic landscapes, viking history, and fishing villages. We explored all of these features by way of a VW campervan, which turned out to be the perfect way to experience wild, wet, and wonderful Lofoten.

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Greetings from Starship Pegasus

DAMAGE REPORT: The Starship Pegasus of the Monolithic Dome Institute sustained major blasts from an Earthling ship in Italy, Texas. The main energizer was disabled immediately, window bubbles obliterated, and concrete deflector shields ultimately collapsed after holding for as long as they could. The Pegasus was destroyed.

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